Transactional Model of Communication: the model of communication where both people involved in the process are acting as a sender and receiver. Each person involved creates a message that will be received by the other person. Not only are both people involved a sender and receiver, but there is role-taking and feedback going on at the same time, making this kind of model and communication a circular flow of information and continuous (

What occurs during this kind of communication is:

1. All members of the conversation encode and decode the messages (think about what to say, then try to understand how the message is relevant to you).

2. Participate in role-taking and feedback. This occurs when one person decodes the message and encodes replies.

3. Both members of the communication process are affected by conversations that have taken place before.

4. The communicators are influenced by the environment they are in during the conversation.

5. Members are influenced by the situation they are in at that time.

6. Members are influenced by the relationship that is between them and the other communicator (DeFleur, Kearney, Plax, & DeFleur, 2005).

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